Our sandbox will give you an access to our test environment. As this environment is designed for test purpose, you might face some availability issues. Please be sure, we do our best efforts to solve those issues as soon as possible


    • What is NDC?

      The travel industry is a dynamic environment subject to constant change. Competition, digitalization and new customer expectations reinforce the need to adapt processes and technology. NDC is an xml based data exchange format designed to modernize the way air products are retailed to travel agents,corporations and travelers. This modern technology will allow the transmission of richer information, eventually improving the service offer to customers.

    • Why is AFKL developing NDC connection?

      The vision is twofold:

      • To set the basis : In publishing Air France KLM offer on NDC API’s, available for partners to sell (travel agencies, SBT’s, content aggregators, GDS).
      • To innovate: By taking advantage of NDC capabilities as a standard to develop a new offer.

      NDC is a powerful medium for Air France KLM to progressively improve customers experience in the future. As an enriched data transmission standard, NDC will enhance communications between airlines and travel agencies. It will allow the distribution of rich content and differentiated offers, ease the sale of ancillary products at travel agencies’ and create the base for a consistent response to customers’ needs on all channels and touchpoints.

    • What is the current scope?

      As an NDC level 3 solution, current AFKL NDC APIs cover the “end to end” airline distribution cycle for flights and ancillaries in the indirect channel: i.e. shopping, booking, payment and ticketing, BSP reporting and servicing for IATA travel agencies.

      The following APIs are available, in IATA NDC standard 18.2:

      • AirShopping
      • Offerprice
      • Ordercreate
      • OrderChange
      • OrderRetrieve
      • OrderReshop
      • OrderChange
      • Seatavailability Expected end Q1 2020
      • Service list Expected end Q1 2020
      • OrderChangeNotif to be migrated
      • OrderList to be migrated

      First available flight scope includes:

      • AF and KL marketing flights (whatever operating airline including HOP!)
      • One way and return trips, Open Jaw and Multicity
      • Public, Touroperator, Seat only net fares, VFR and corporate fares. Seamen fares are upcoming
      • Payment by credit/debit cards and BSP settlement
      • Cancel, refund and change
    • How is this scope available for developers?

      There are three ways to connect for booking and selling AFKL content using NDC:

      1. AFKL Agent Booking Tool: The Agent booking tool is a booking portal for travel agencies and will be accessible online via Agentconnect.biz. It is rolled out per point of sale and available in more than 40 countries.
      2. Connect to AFKL NDC APIs using an intermediary: Travel agents can choose to use an aggregator as an intermediary to access AFKL content exempted from Distribution Surcharge from their NDC APIs.
      3. Direct Connect to AFKL NDC APIs: Travel agents can also set up a direct link to AFKL NDC APIs and source content exempted from Distribution Surcharge without third party intermediation.

      Only IATA agencies can choose from the above three options.

      If you are interested in connecting through one of these options, please continue to the ‘getting started’ section.

      In order to give you a practical application of our NDC solutions, we offer you an access in test environment to our APIS. Those APIs will be accessible via a sandbox tool. This sandbox will allow you to test the connection between your APIs and ours. By using specific test data, you will be able to check

      • we receive correctly your request messages
      • the answer our APIS send can be properly integrated into your systems.

      Using this sandbox will help you in sizing the effort needed to get a good connection between your and our APIs.

      Please note that when we will put the connection into live environment, you will need a new set of credentials. We will communicate tem during the development phase.



    • Go at https://developer-test.klm.com/member/register and fill the mandatory fields :

      • Username,
      • Display Name,
      • Email,
      • Password,
      • Name of your application
      • Website

      All the other fields are optional (Description, Consumer ID, Register Callback, Sample Field),

      Click on "Issue a new key for ITE1 NDC webservice"

      Then please review and accept the Terms of Service and Click on Register

      You will receive an email containig a link to follow in order to validate your registration.

      After that, you will be able to sign in using your Username or email Address and password.

      Once signed in, click on your name at the top right of the screen and go on « My Account »
      You will be able to get your Key and secret in ITE1 NDC webservice part.

      Put your key in your header as « api_key » value and enjoy !